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About Edutex

The EDUTEX project brings together experts from Germany and Ethiopia to enhance training and practice in the textile sector.

Ethiopia has a booming textile industry. However, safe and sustainable production conditions are not yet available in many companies by default. The EDUTEX Project will focus on capacity building for experts from the Ethiopian textile industry with an enhanced collaboration between partners in Africa and Europe.

Our Approach

Using a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) as well as an analysis of the existing courses and seminar offers by Mekelle University and Hawassa University.

The development fields are determined after the evaluation of the topics for planned new developments of modules and teaching materials together with the local textile companies and the partner universities.

These measures are coordinated with partners and stakeholders in Ethiopia in order to incorporate already existing experiences, to supplement them as efficient as possible and thus avoiding undesirable developments.

With the application of agile teaching and training methods we can support a teaching environment which aims to improve the training of highly skilled workers and experts. Knitting together a new network between African and European universities and associated companies for the benefit of the growing Ethiopian textile industry.

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Led by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology

Supported by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)